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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sprinkler Problem

Ive got sprinkler problems. But Im happy.

3 of my sprinkler valves are leaking, so I spent yesterday evening digging them all up, and I made a trip to Home Depot to look at some new automatic valves and everything. It was really fun. I always get excited about yard work in the Spring, then it seems to wear off as the weather gets hotter throughout the summer. Im gonna try and make it last longer this year, cause there is alot of shtuff to do. I wanna plant 10 or 11 trees, put in a back lawn with sprinklers, bury some railroad ties, fix my current sprinkler problem, put up alot of fence, get some animals, install a drinking fountain out back, and buy and build a play place for the kids with swings and stuff.

So see, I have lots of cool stuff to do. I guess I better get it all done before I max out on the weather.

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