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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crocs and Pics

First of all, Im almost done with updating our pictures page. It will look pretty close to the old page, but we will have all the pictures updated. Maybe by end of this week, or maybe next week. Depends on how much time I spend working on the yard this weekend.

Also, I bought some Crocs. They are shoes? sandals? made out of foam. They probably cost 50 cents to make. They cost $30.00 to buy. But they are worth every penny. I see alot of ppl with em now. Mom and Amy came home with a pair each last weekend, and I walked around in Amy's for a few mins to see how they felt. They felt really nice. Nice and light and fluffy. So yesterday I bought my own pair.

Holy Macrel they are soooooo nice!!! I just love em to pieces. I get chills just walking around in them cause they are so comfortable. It is like walking on marshmallows. I may never ever wear another shoe again in my life!

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