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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My fam and Ed/Sades fam went camping to City of Rocks last weekend. It was really good, I actually enjoy camping alot, although Im quite lazy about its specifics. For example, I dont want to hike, I want simple meals that are easily done, and I like easy to setup tents etc.

Friday about 1pm we left my parents house and drove straight to Amy's parents in Almo. We picked up some blankets, dropped off Bridger, then headed to the campsite. We only made it about 2 miles before our rear driver's side tire was completely flat. SERIOUSLY, WE GET A FLAT EVERY FREAKIN TIME WE GO TO IDAHO. So I changed it with the spare, and took it to Rock City Repair just down the road. They found a fairly large rock had worked its way through the tire. But they got it all fixed and we were on the road about 45 mins later.

We drove to our campground, only to discover it was 10 billion miles away from the parking lot. With all our junk including everything for 6 kids, I knew there was no way we were gonna pack all that into the campsite. So Eddie and I figured out a 'questionable' way to drive the explorer to the site, and we just made multiple trips with the explorer and all our junk. Im pretty sure if we woulda got caught, we woulda got fined.

The camping itself was good. We had tinfoil dinners for dinner that night, the kids roasted probably close to 50 marshmallows. Wether they ate them all or not is unknown. I started to get on Crystal about it, then Amy asked my why it mattered.... and after thinking about it.... its true, who cares? So I let them roast all they wanted and if they fell in the fire or caught on fire, oh well.

Then Eddie had these glow sticks that the kids wore around their necks. We had one extra one, and we would chuck it way out in the sagebrush and trees, and the kids had to run and find it. They loved it. We broke some of the glow sticks open and spread the glowing liquid over the rocks, it was pretty cool looking.

Then we had to make a trip with everyone back to the parking lot where the outhouses were. So I sent Eddie on ahead to hide in the trees and growl like a monster when we walked by. Not even Amy knew. So we started walking and at some point we heard a deep growl. It scared Amy pretty bad, along with the kids. They all had flashlights and were trying to find where the monster was at. Then Eddie came charging out and the kids all screamed. After the first growl, Bailey said "Its a cow!". Anyway, it was great fun.

Eventually we got all the kids in bed along with ourselves, but not till we all had some hot choclate first, mmmmmmm.

The nighttime was extremely windy, but it didnt wake any of the kids. Then in the morning I was forced to get up cause I had to go to the bathroom so bad. But I started the fire, and eventually Eddie got around to making breakfast. He made a dutch-oven breakfast with red potatoes, eggs, sausage, bell peppers, and onions. It was perhaps the most tasty breakfast I have ever had in my entire life. It was seriously delicious. I was amazed.

We packed up and made it out of the camp about 2 minutes before the park ranger showed up, so we barely made a clean getaway.

Then we climbed a couple different rocks with the kids, chased after some lizards, and then finally went back to Amy's parents, had lunch, then headed out.

Amy stayed in Idaho till Monday, so I went home with Ed and Sade and went to Stockton church all by myself.

Anyway, I love camping. I like everything about it. It was a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Your so much more descriptive than me...
It was such a good time!!! I want to go again!