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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Wow, its been 2 days of sprinklers. I ache everywhere, and for the most part, I had the easiest part. I dug trenches with the machine and did pipe, while Dad and Joe and Amy did all the manual labor. But still, Im wasted. I did get the main line that feeds everything in. Its really nice, I added taps to the back areas and even put a tap with a water fountain right in the corner of the sandbox. It is awesome, the kids are going to love it! Now they can flood the sandbox all they want, and can get a drink whenever they want, without telling us to hook up the hose blah blah blah blah blah. We also added a fountain to the corner of the house at the bottom of our porch stairs. Its such a pain to have to walk up those stairs every single time you are thirsty.

So up to this point, everything works, it is great. I have 3 more zone to pipe out, run the electrical cable, and then bury everything.

Oh and HOLY COW you should see the amount of rock that is all over the yard. Its gonna take 10 years to get it all cleared. But we will just do it slowly as time permits until it is all finally clean. Then we will have to have a sod blitz or something.

At least we are making progress.

Thanks to Dad for helping so much. He has been amazing. And thanks to Joe Shmoe for coming out on a Saturday to dig trenches. I think I owe them both big time.

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