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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bigger TVs

For lunch today I went to Brett's house with Brett cause he wanted to show me how awesome Phantom of the Opera is on HDDVD on his big screen TV. So we went there and I had stroganoff, and we began to watch Phantom on his HUGE screen TV in HDDVD.

I was totally immersed. The detail was noticeably pristine. When they did a close-up, it was like you were standing right there staring at the person. You could see every imperfection.

Of course, that is just the HDDVD talkin.

The big screen was AWESOME! When they panned out to show the entire Opera House with everyone clapping, it was simply amazing. It was unreal.

Anyway, I was converted.

If there ever comes a time in my life where I decide TV will play a more prominent role, Im going for the big screens or nothing.

Oh, and dont get me started on Phantom - only one of the greatest movies ever made EVER!

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MARIE said...

Wow, I would like to see a list of all of your 'greatest movies ever made'.