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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marriot Stay

The Marriot stay was fun. Its kind of a mess around there with all the construction going on. I like the atmosphere of the hotel alot. We went to Temple Square with the billions of people there. It was nice to have Ben around, although he is still in missionary-weirdo mode. The kids enjoy the pool more than anything. And the nice thing about the Marriot is they have a hot-tub too which I really REALLY enjoy. The best sleeps of my life are the ones where I go to bed after having soaked in a hot-tub for 30 minutes. AHHHHHHH.

At 730 the next morning, the kids and I were back in the pool. No one could sleep past 7. So we swam there till about 9pm and then we all met in the Lobby except for mom and dad who had to go to a funeral. The rest of us went to JBs and had their breakfast buffet. There were 17 of us total there. With mom and dad it would have been 19. And with Marie and Bryan's fam it would have been 23. I cant believe there are already 23 of us just in my parents family. There are Lymans growing everywhere.

Now Amy and I are back in Stockton with ours and Ed/Sades kids. It sure is nice to come home, even after all that excitement.

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