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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Value of Things

My family and I went to Denny's tonight and had a great time. I was watching my kids talking to each other and laughing and coloring while waiting, and I thought, "right now, Denny's is exactly where we need to be". I know, its a rather cheap restaurant, but to a family, its perfect. My family wouldnt have had near the fun at an Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. When it comes to families, Denny's is the best family restaurant ever period. So to me, Denny's has value.

I was also thinking about McDonalds and how often we eat there, which isnt too terribly much, but for all the jokes and flak McD's gets, you would think I would know better right? Well go jump in a lake. McDonalds with a playpen is a mini Disneyland when it comes to families. The kids have a great time, and the parents get to breathe a little while their kids enjoy themselves. So to us, McDonalds has value.

It seems that every change in life, completely rearranges your priorities on what is and isnt of value to you. I would never have thought in my life that I would one day be standing up for McDonalds, but I now realize its worth to a family.

It would seem the only way to truly stay true to yourself, is to shut up about whatever you think you know, cause who knows but one day youll have a large family of your own and youll make a complete U-turn on what you support.

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