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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crocs is Socks

I got some new Crocs. This is my 2nd pair. Amy bought me the All-Terrain choclate/black pair. They actually look really nice, almost like normal shoes. They have a leather lace-up piece at the top and a full foam bottom with no holes like the sandals.

I wore them for the first time today to work... I may never take them off.

They are soooo roomy inside, I feel like Im walking around in my socks all day. They are so light (cause they are just foam) you barely even notice them on your feet. And the soles? Holy Shnikeys! They are like marshmallows. Oh, and did I mention they are 100% waterproof?

At $60, it took me about 2 weeks to finally get up the nerve to buy a pair, cause for a piece of foam, that seems a steep price. But now that I am finally wearing a pair, I will never buy any other shoe ever.

The value of the shoe is in its unmatched comfort, NOT in its materials.

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Sadie said...

OH great! Now Eddie's going to want some...