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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stockton Miners Cafe

Stockton has a new place to eat! It's called the Stockton Miners Cafe. Today was its grand opening at 5am. Me and Ed were the very first customers at 5:10 this morning. It used to be the old bar, which was purchased by the current Bishop Holmes and remodeled into the new cafe.

The inside was awesome. They tore out the ceiling to expose the original wood framing. Looks like they stained it and it looks all rustic and old. There are old miner's helmets and miner's tools all over the walls. The original bar is still in the center of the restaurant and you can sit there if you'd like and order instead of one of the table booths.

10 minutes into our visit, the Bishop and his wife showed up and sat by us. The Bishop spent a few minutes explaining some of the things there and what the old bar looked like (since I never been there before). Ed and I both ordered French Toast and Hot Choclate, it was delicious. Eventually Mr. Hunter and Leland & Bill Hogan also showed up. We all had a good chat about stuff, it was really fun. I felt like I was in Mayberry. Too bad we don't have alot of time these days to spend at our local Cafe's. I wish we did.

Perhaps the day will come when I've got enough money in the bank, I can quit my job and work at the local Cafe, or maybe even buy it and just hang around to visit with everyone in town.

Maybe one day.

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Sadie said...

That truly is the dream. I can't wait until Amy and I can go.