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Monday, June 23, 2008

Piece of crap, but as good as it gets.

So Im sitting on my can today mowing my lawn on the most okee mower ever. Its a mower my dad brought by from Oak City (where everything is okee) so I could mow my lawn with it. And it is the greatest thing ever. I know I've said things about its condition to my dad, I even told him he should be paying ME to mow my own lawn cause he gave me such a pile of metal mower. But in reality, its tough as nails and gets the job done quick and good. Its like Mater from the movie Cars. Piece of crap, but as good as it gets.

Also, my parents have let me and Ed keep their 4-wheelers for them. They are brand new and probably have less than 100 miles on them at this point. They are very nice. So Ed has Moms and we have Dads. For the last few nights, I have taken one or all the kids on it and just drove non-chalantly around the block. Its really very nice to live in a neighborhood where people drive their 4-wheelers around. Im generally not a talkative person, but its nice to just drive by and wave, yell comments about their nice lawns, etc. So thanks again to Mom and Dad for that.

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