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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My first iPhone blog

So this is my first blog from my new iPhone. I am really enjoying the iPhone. It's sleeker than I thought it would be.

But enough of that, let me relate a sick sad tale of a recent experience I had.

As you may not know, I got a nice new Chevy Impala car. It really is a gorgeous car. Well about 15 days after I bought it, I hit a nice fat cow. It totalled the front. I was sick to my stomach over it. I had never owned such a nice car. Maybe I wasn't meant to own a nice car. Well I called Geico, my insurance carrier, and they were wonderful. I took it to a Geico certified repair shop, paid my portion, and got the car back after about 3 weeks. And it looks like it had never been in a wreck. They really did a good job.

So I'm driving it home, and right on the main road of Tooele, a deer jumps out of the way of another car and lands it's feet on me front bumper, causing his feet to slide out from under him, and he smacks his end quarters right on the front of my hood. That same old sick feeling started to return. I pulled over, couldn't find the deer, checked the front of my car, and sure enough, a nice little deer butt print has taken shape in the tippy front of the hood of my car. I just couldn't believe it.

Luckily I was able to pop a portion of it out, so it's not quite so obvious, but still, did it have to happen on the same day I got it out of the repair shop?

It's a constant reminder that I bought a car above my station in life.


Riki Lee said...

That wasn't very thoughtful of the deer. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You can't make fun of me any more for hitting a cow!