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Thursday, January 8, 2009


We got to CES about 10am. We started in the Auto section. Lots and lots of souped up cars with sound systems that made the entire building vibrate. The bass in these systems was so rich and low it just made you feel like your brain was melting and leaking out your ears. They had gigantic trucks, really low cars, super fast cars, but it was all about the stereo systems.

Then we went into wireless section. Lots of new cellular technologies, lots of trinkets and bling for your current phones, lots of info about home wireless systems, cool security systems, etc.

Then we made our way to TV section. This place was freaking amazing. They had GIANT TVs that were crystal clear. The big push this year was obviously 3D. Lots of 3D systems and lots of 7.1 HD sound systems. They had TVs that you could touch and surf the net, or you look at family photos and videos. It seemed apparent to me that everything runs on Microsoft. Microsoft really has done an amazing job making life awesome.

Of course, in the TV section was also all the gaming vendors, of which there were LOTS. There really isnt a better way to show off a TV or sound system that a violent game with lots of explosions. There was a game where it recorded your voice at the beginning, then everything said in the game is said in your voice, it was actually very weird AND amazing.

Pretty much, most of CES was TVs this year. 3D TVs, screens no thicker than 3 credit cards, etc.

Im glad I went, and after 2 days, it was nice to come home.

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