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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swimming with the old ladies

I have been going to a water aerobics class on and off for awhile. Mostly off. But the last week I have been going regularly. Its Monday thru Thursday at 9pm-10pm at the Tooele Pratt Aquatic Center. Its $3.50 each time you go ($3.00 if you buy a 10 punch pass), and its wonderful.

Water aerobics is right between hardly excercising and excercising hard, so its perfect for me, cause I hate excercising, HATE IT! But I dont mind this.

Its fun, it feels good, and the old ladies are a hoot sometimes. They talk about their grandkids and their husbands and the good ole days, etc. Sometimes a 30ish group of women show up and they talk about all sorts of informative topics. I dont participate in the conversation per se, but the time sure flies when the conversations are interesting.

And its alot harder than I thought, my arms start to burn really bad about 20 minutes into it, and my legs start to burn about 35 minutes into it, and I can feel my muscles pulsing the next day. But you can take it as slow or hard as you want and the hot shower at the end feels sooooooo good.

Anyone is welcome to join me, there are no sign-ups or anything, you just show up. And you wear a floater belt around your waist the whole time, so you dont have to know how to swim.

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