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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Utah State Fair

We went to the Utah State Fair yesterday with just our 2 littlest, Bridger and Brynzi and my mom and Dad. It was pretty fun. I ate a bucket of crawfish and deep fried alligator for lunch, and then I had a carmeled apple later on. I really only go for the food.

Bridger got to see some bears and an alligator. He was scared of the alligator, he thought it would reach through the window and eat us. After lunch Grandma bought him a plastic sword that he stabbed me with the rest of the day.

And Brynzi was the perfect baby as always. She just looked around and didnt make a fuss. Even when she got wet from the rain.

During the last 2 hours we were there it started raining really hard and we got soaked. But I really dont mind the rain, its a nice change and I love the feeling of the moisture in the air. Plus when I get home, the sagebrush puts off a real strong smell when its wet, and I just love it.

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