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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

8 Foot LoveSac

It finally came yesterday!

We went to LoveSac ( which sells these oversized beanbags. (but if you call it a beanbag around any lovesac employee, they will be highly offended). Its actually stuffed with furniture foam and is very comfortable.

Well, they have all sizes, but we decided to go all out and purchase their biggest one, which is their 8 foot one. It costs approx $420 and is 8 feet squared. Yes it is HUGE. You could easily fit 6 grownup ppls on it with no problem. My sister Marie bought the 6 foot version, and I was just amazed at the size. This was about a year ago. When I found out that they had an 8 foot version, I knew it was meant to be. We bought it for the loft piece of our new home where the TV will go. It will be a cool addition to our already awesome house.

Me and Cody Nielson put it together yesterday. It wasn't too bad to put together, but puffing it..... SHEESH. That was quite a job! We kicked and kicked and kicked and rolled and punched and threw and jumped and kicked and hit and rolled forever and ever and ever. And it still had lumps in it. But eventually we got it to a comfortable puffiness.

I got a free 2 foot lovesac with it as well, and it only took about 30 seconds to puff, but this 8 foot one is sooo big, puffing it takes forever. But you just gotta get the lumps out one time, then you just roll it over from time to time to keep it puffed.

The only complaint I have about the lovesacs, is initially, they smell funny. It must be the new furniture foam, but eventually (like 1-2 weeks) the smell disipates and it takes on the smell of the house.

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