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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The house is being built.....slowly

Well, Amy and I and kids all drove out to Stockton last Friday to see what the status of our house is, and it has finally made some progress. It seemed like it was stuck in the "foundation has been poured" mode for 2 weeks.

When we arrived at the site, there was a large backhoe there with a dude driving it. He was filling in the sides of the house and the garage with dirt. When he saw me taking pictures, he got out to talk with me. He said that this Tuesday (so that would be today!) they are scheduled to pour the cement in the basement floor and the garage floor. So that is exciting. He also mentioned that the septic system was put in that week.

I went around to the back and checked out the septic tank. It is all finished indeed, and the guy was about to bury it.

So that is the status of the house so far. Im a little leary that we will actually be in by Thanksgiving, but the longer they take to fix it, the more free rent I get anyway, so Im not complaining.

And yes, we took some pics of the site, but I have yet to post them.

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