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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Raise your hand if you're sure

Not sure what to blog about, just feel like blogging.

I called our builder today to make sure we are having the walk-through tomorrow, and we aren't. It has been rescheduled to the 13th. So that kinda stinks, but kinda not since that will push our first mortgage payment an extra month.

Amy bought a king size wooden bed frame for our bed. It will be really nice. It was only $275 with free shipping. It was on sale at some place online. It will sure be nice and it will match the theme of the house.

I guess they got 18" of snow 2 nights ago in Stockton. I might even get snowed in some days. Depends on how early they plow the road out to our subdivision.

We decided to do church in Stockton from now on. With the new year, Crystal was going to start her first Primary class, and we figured we might as well just start her in the Stockton one instead of FH and then moving her to Stockton with new kids and new teacher. It went really well last Sunday. It is ALOT nicer when the ward has Sacrement Meeting first.

I finally got an almost real office at work. After having been in what is called "the cave" for like 3 years, I got moved upstairs to a new office with new carpet, and some windows!!! It is sooooo much nicer, and lots quieter, and its amazing the difference the brown in the carpet makes. It makes it ALOT more comfortable.

My manager Rodger got some free passes to the Southtowne Fitness Center and so he gave me one. So a bunch of us from the office went to one of the fitness classes today at 11:30. It was SO FREAKING HARD!!! They made us do all these squats, lots of free wieght stuff, jumping jacks, running, crunches, etc. IT STUNK ROYALLY! I hated it. Im sure it is all good for me and crap, but I dont think it worth the pain. Afterwords I jumped in one of their showers that has 3 shower heads. OH MY HECK THAT WAS SOOOOO NICE!!! I loved that part, I shoulda spent the whole 1.5 hours just in the shower and called it good. Anyway, Im not going back. There must be an easier way to get in shape, and if there isnt, screw it!

Tonight is the company party. It is a buffet at Famous Daves BBQ. It will be really nice I think. I didnt have a lunch today so I could save my appetite for the dinner. I ate a good Fruit Loops breakfast so I would have energy to work out though. But I am really hungery and dinner tonight is sure gonna taste good.

So it is official now, Amy and I are fully addicted to the game World of Warcraft. There is no denying it anymore. We got my bro Ben addicted, and Amy's bro Jonathon plays, and now her sister Stef is into it. Also my friend Rusty bought it and me and him run around together and do quests and stuff. It is really fun. It might sound childish and a waste of time, but I never have gotten into the sports thing, the hunting thing, the golf thing, the car thing, the collecting stuff thing, scrapbooking, garage sales, shopping in general, TV, whatever. You guys can waste all the time you want doing all that junk. My thing is computers and I am going to spend my extra time on this game for now.

Crystal is getting to smart. She told me where to park last night at Target. Rooker is the biggest TV bumb in the world. He puts the vids in himself and just veg's the day away. If we catch him we turn it off and he gets upset for awhile, but kids dont ever stay with anything to long, so he just goes and finds something else to play with. Bailey should be crawling any day now. Right now she just uses her little arms and scoots herself around the room. Sometimes she gets up on all 4s and bounces back and forth. They sure grow up fast.

I think that is all to report for now.

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