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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Happy New year

I had a wonderful New Year. I had friday off from work so we woke up that morning and drove to Stockton. They have the kitchen all put in, countertops, cabinets, etc. They havent done any of the plumbing yet. It was really nice. They put all the lights in as well. They did the same to all the bathrooms too.

Then we drove out to Oak City from there to spend the New Years weekend. About 6pmish we went to Uncle Jeffs house for the New Years party. There was lots to eat and lots to talk about. Rooker got tired about 8:30, so Amy and I took him back and put him to bed with Bailey. Amy and started playing our computer games for a bit (which is really fun) and then about 10pm I went back to Uncle Jeffs to see how Crystal was doing and to hang out a little more. About 11:30pm we all got tired and headed back home. Basically everyone was asleep by midnight, so there wasnt much of a celebration per se.

Saturday morning a bunch of adults went shopping in Delta. None of us younguns did cause we all just slept in. Then when the parents got back, my dad went to the Hall and setup a Pickle Ball court. Its a fun game that retired ppl play all the time. He taught us all how to play and we had a little tournament. I suggest you look up Pickle Ball on the internet and start your own tournament, because it is really really fun!

Sunday morning (today) my family got up and left about 8am to go to Stockton for church. We didn't even go out to the house. It was nice at church. Ed and Sade werent even there, we just toughed it out. Lots of ppl told Amy how they couldn't wait for us to move in. Guys never say anything to each other, so I got a couple handshakes and thats about it.

Now we are back here at my parents just taking it easy till the rest of Mom and Dads fam get here.

I think Crystal and Rooker and me and my parents really missed Maddey. She is really fun to have around!

Happy New Year!

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