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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

MDB 34

Memorial Day was fun. I dont think those who dont come just dont understand. Our family is close only because we do everything together. No matter how hard, no matter how boring, no matter how uninteresting, no matter how busy, no matter how expensive, no matter how long or short, no matter how much we get paid, no matter how blah, no matter blah blah, no blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

That is the reason our 2nd cousins are more like brothers. Thats why we can work at the same job and get along and avoid all the political crap. Thats why we hang out all the fetchin time. And those who choose not to come, miss all of it. ALL OF IT! ALL OF IT!

We played softball till our arms turned to rubber.
We swam and played hack-a-lack water basketball till we were red everywhere and our eyes burned from chlorine.
We ate who-knows-how-many hot dogs with that weird-sauce-they-put-on till we had weird-sauce-they-put-on poisoning.
We sang till our voices gave out.
We sat in the same flippin chapel for all 3 hours of church.
We ate candy and food till we couldnt see straight, and then went back for more.
We laughed our guts out at the program while ppl attempted to make twists to the traditional skits.
We mixed 85 gallons of pancake dough.
We cooked 800+ eggs, pancakes, and ham.
We laughed at the rain, thunder, hail, and lightning at its feeble attempt to halt our MDB celebration.

Where else you gonna go to get that? Work? School? Home? Bahamas? Disneyland? Alone? At a Party?

Shyeah right.

Everyone works, Everyone goes to School, Everyone has a Home, Everyone can go to the Bahamas and Disneyland, Everyone can be alone, and Everyone parties. But no one has an MDB. NO ONE!

So try your best to make it next time. Let the world do its thing for a few days without you, and then you can dive back in. The world wont give a rats-patoot that you were even gone.

Next year is the big kahuna, the one that is a reunion.

So be there or be dead.

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