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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mood? Blogging

Im in a blogging mood. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my laptop is dead and so I cant play games, or check email, or whatever. So all I can do is surf and blog. Or maybe now that I have blogged twice already, Im in such a bloggy mood I may as well continue.

What a pooper-pants. He gets into everything. And he makes you feel horrible for spanking him. His latest adventures include opening a tub of butter and wiping it all over his face and hair and table and chair in the kitchen. Getting into the babys formula and... thats right... wiping it all over his face and hair and floor. He still has a cow if he doesnt get his binky, and now that we are on our 3rd child, we are WAY more lax about whatever binky requirements we laid down with Crystal. So he gets it when he goes to bed or needs a nap. Everyone loves the way he runs, it is funny to watch. He loves mud, he loves to roar like a dinosaur, he loves watching action movies, and he loves his grandparents.

Im not sure what it is. It seems her IQ went up 2000 points in the last month or two. She is way to smart. In fact, she has all the stop signs memorized in Stockton and gets on my case if I dont stop at one. She says "That sign said stop daddy. You forgot. You need to remember to stop". What am I supposed to say? That its all right because no one was around? The I never stop at that sign ever? Yeah right. So whilst I have her in the car, I become the best dang driver in the universe, coming to a complete stop at every stop sign in Stockton, no matter what. She even knows how to put on her own clothes. She knows how to go to the fridge and get something to eat. She knows when we are trying to put her to bed too early. She knows when Rooker and Bailey are getting into something they shouldnt cause she will make sure and let her parents know. We are still working on the whole wetting the bed thing, but she still hasnt mastered it yet.

Oh my. Oh my oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. What a sweetie pie. Her smile is mana from heaven. She smiles probably 90% of her day. Well, at least 90% of the %10 I spend at home and not work. Im sure Amy could have a totally different story. But she is definitely a smiler, and its so fun to wrestle and tickle her just to see that smile. She does have one drawback however. If you close a door on her at all, she screams as though you left her alone in the bottom of a morgue at midnight halloween during a power outage. Im talking about going to the bathroom. WAAAHAHAHAHA, BLAHWIOWHAHRIEHWHA, WEEHEHELABLRRHAHHAH. Sheesh girl! Im just going to the restroom!

Amy seems to be fairing quite well in her Stockton Castle. She keeps the house clean as best she can with 3 kids. She will get it all clean when I am 5 mins from home and in that 5 mins the kids will make sure it becomes messier than it was before it was cleaned. She cooks good meals. She balances our finances. She keeps her sanity all day with 3 wild kids. She does alot. I get to sit my fat rear on a nice comfy chair all day at work for 8 hours a day. Im sure Amy's schedule is somewhat different and a little more stressful. Its nice to have a wife that is nice to come home to.

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