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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amy's Personal Website

So Amy asked me to make her her own personal website, and I had just finished my final version of MDBLite6. So I made her a website built on my MDBLite6 framework. And it is just beautiful. MDBLite6 has made it so easy for me to create a nice, smooth working website, Im just amazed. So amazed in fact, that I will be converting to it soon.


Im not sure she actually wants people to know about it, but everyone will eventually find out anyway, so I figured what the heck, Ill just blog it.

Its got the ability to make multiple blogs, unlike this site where its just one big blog. So on Amy's you can organize your blogs into categories. She can even make private blogs that only she can see.

Also I made her a Recipe Exchange piece so she can store her Recipes online. Also, anyone who she gives the Recipe Exchange password to, will be able to add/edit their own recipes as well. Recipes can even be commented on and printed out.

Anyway, now I am fully pumped to keep popping out more websites running on my MDBLite6.

Next one is Amy's mother's genealogy website. Ive done quite a bit on it already, and hope to have it done by end of this week or early next. I already made the forums and address book and a place for visitors to register. I just need to finish her Genealogy Library complete with documents, PAF/GEDCOM files, and a pictures section with thumbnails. All based on Family Line or Graveyard, or whatever. Its gonna be sweet.

Then I guess is next.

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