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Monday, September 11, 2006

Thanksgiving Point

So Im trying to hit all the attractions around Salt Lake. I mean Ive lived here my whole life, and there is alot of places Ive never been. So far we did the Red Butte Gardens and Hogle Zoo. Today we did Thanksgiving Point.

What a fun place! Every monday the Museum of Ancient Life is only $5 per person after 5pm instead of the regular $15 per person. It was SUPER FUN. Rooker wouldnt stop running from room to room yelling "Woh, look at that BIG dinosaur!" He totally loved it. Crystal wanted to touch everything and Bailey just followed whoever.

First you enter a dark room with zillion of stars. This is supposed to show you the beginning of the creation of the earth or something, then you move through time and the different dino ages. There were some dinos that were just outrageously huge. It was really amazing to see. There was a room where you got to dig up your own bones. A room with a giant dino doll that you put the head, legs, arms, tail, spines on - a build-your-own-dino thing. Then a sand room with water that you built dams and streams and watched how erosion worked.

Seriously, it was really fun.

Then we went to the Ice Cream parlor. The kids got cones, Amy got a Sundae which was just incredible. So much choclate and carmel and whip cream, it just flowed over the glass all over the plate. It was super messy goodness. I got the Banana Split, and it was even bigger and just as messy. Its amazing how good that messy gooeyness tastes. We all sat at the Ice Cream Bar on red stools for a bit - I wish we woulda had a camera, it definitely was a Kodak moment.

Then we drove by the Animal Farm which has lots of animals you can pet and see. And we drove by the Kids Discovery Garden which has a bear cave, hedge maze, and a large Noahs Ark that the kids can play in. Those things all costs money too, so we didnt do em. We will have to do them later.

What a fun day!

Still need to do Hansen Planetarium, Tracy Aviary, the Cement Sled thing at Park City, Childrens Museum, Aquarium Zoo, Downtown Carraige Ride, and Im sure there are lots more, places to eat too.

Eventually, we will hit them all.

Isnt it strange that we never tour the place we live?

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