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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So much

Well, so much has happened. Its a shame that I havent written.

First, we had a nice Christmas. Everyone got what they wanted etc. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Fruit Heights and the kids loved it. We got Bailey one of those spring horses, which she loves to ride. Rooker and Crystal got 'Wiggle Cars' which are these weird little cars you wiggle the steering wheel and it makes them move forward at a surprising speed - all done by science. Its fun to ride them too, sometimes I play tag with the kids on them.

New Years we spent in Oak City with the rest of the universe. It was really fun. Mostly everyone but us watched and talked about football. It was fun to watch parts of games with everyone. We however usually ended up back at my parents house playing cards. Weve all become addicted to a card game called 'Citadels'. Its a VERY well done, well thought-out card game.

Then our baby Bridger Esdras Lyman was born on the 8th of Janurary. He is such a sweet baby. Although he does cry, its not as much as I remember the other kids crying. He mostly just grunts. But if you ignore the grunts long enough, he will eventually cry.

And the transmission on our van is toast. Its a nice expensive repair. But we always seem to have the money for car repairs, so we never have to go into debt. But its a shame we cant use that money for other things. But I do enjoy having driveable cars.

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