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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dissattached Parents

I was reading some forums online about how kids and adults spend just a disgusting amount of time online playing games (yes, it was a warcraft addiction forum, freak, leave me alone!)

Anyway, one parent was complaining that she has visited different doctors etc trying to find a way to wean her child from his addiction as it has ruined his relationship with the family and her. Of course some stupid arguement broke out about how much control you should put on your kids etc and when they are old enought to make their own decisions blah blah blah. Its all stupid to me, and mom, in my opinion, drew an absolutely clear line in one of her latest blogs, about how much control you should exert over your kids. But on the forum, some guy posted a very poignant response which I think hit the nail on the head. So I thought I would post it here for the world to see.

"Liz, Jenny, Concerned Mother,

It is obvious that you have either became, or have always been, disattached from the lives of your children. Even worse, you have a flawed system of logic ingrained in your head that is going to be inherited by your children both genetically and through social interaction with yourselves.

Based on your arguments here, I must inform you of the sad truth which you will never realize yourself because of your frame of reference. You can’t grasp any concept that is not spoon-fed to you by an entity that you place in elevated-status relative to yourself. Think of it as a lemming complex.

Now I don’t know if its natures way to try and protect your children by corrupting your relationship with them and thats why you are disassociated from their actions, but you must realize that you are an adult and you must make decisions without help from outside ‘experts’. In real life, there are questions that you cannot run to get an answer for from someone else. Almost all of those situations arise when you are dealing with a child.

You are looking for a Ph.D. to tell you how to raise your child. It is a Ph.D. who told you what your brain has filtered as, “games are bad”. So now you want a Ph.D. to give you a fix. And this is what you believe to be good parenting.

Quit “researching” and do things on your own. What separates a person from a ‘zombie’, is the ability to independently reason and articulate ideas."

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