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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Golden Compass: The Movie

I admit. I LOVE going to the movies. I enjoy it more than most everything else. I like to see them pretty much the same day they come out. Amy is really good about it. I generally catch the 930ish movie after the kids are in bed while Amy stays home. I am super excited for "I am Legend" coming out Friday.

I saw "The Golden Compass" this last weekend. Although the movie already looked really cool, I mostly went to see it to spite all the dorks crying "anti-religion" all over the place. And I didnt catch any of the anti-religious crap anywhere. The movie was awesome. It was sooo good I had Amy go see it the next night while I stayed home. Simply put, it was very fun and very adventerous. Giant bears fighting, witches flying around shooting bows and arrows. Freakin awesome.

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MARIE said...

Mark, I like this person's post about why many Mormon's aren't threatened by the "Golden Compass" controversy... You have to scroll down to the 12/7 post.