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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I am Legend: The Movie

Of course I had to see this movie. Cmon, the last guy alive.... is not alone?

So I went to the 940pm show last night. The plot is wonderful and makes enough sense to make it believeable. Will Smith is a great actor, and the action scenes were pretty fun.

HOWEVER, the whole reason I go to the theatre is cause the huge screen, big sound, and darkened atmosphere really pulls you into the movie and you almost feel part of it. I am Legend however failed to do this for me. So although I enjoyed it, I would probably have enjoyed it just as much if I had waited till it came out on DVD.

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MARIE said...

I must disagree! I felt like I was being attacked on all sides... and every monster followed me home that night. Not only that, but since there were so many unanswered questions I found myself thinking about it over and over again. If I had been watching it at home I would've found myself leaving the room and pretending to cook something in the kitchen and then just watching it out of the corner of my eye. That way I might have been able to come back to reality when it was over.