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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Job Satisfaction up 10,000%

Lots has changed in the last 2 months at LBi. A few have quit, a few got laid off, we've moved some people around in their positions, and now that everything has settled down.... I LOVE IT.

I moved upstairs into the accouting office with Kristin and Owen, and I LOVE it. Owen is always putting M&Ms into my keyboard and shooting rubber bands at me, and Kristin and I banter back and forth all day long and just have a great time.

The accouting office is much quieter and I feel ALOT more organized up there than I was in the NOC. Rodger keeps trying to tell me that its because I had to take charge of Brett's job when he left that I have really stepped up, and I try to argue back that its because of being in the accouting office - but either way, I am really enjoying working at Lyman Brothers, and I hope things never change.

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