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Friday, June 20, 2008

Not an exact science

My basement is always a mess. So long as we clean it once a week, we get 1 day out of 7 where it is clean. The kids seem to think that cereal, popcorn, string cheese, and otter pops belong IN the carpet. But with the amount of toys and blankets spread all over the place, you can't really tell.

My front lawn has holes. I thought it was a good idea to spray my crab grass with roundup. Well, it was a GREAT idea. The crab grass is gone, totally and utterly gone!!! All thats left is a blank patch of dirt. More precisely 6 blank patches of dirt.

We have chosen, of our own free will and choice, to raise 1 toddler and 3 children at the same time. The truth is, its NOT orderly, its NOT peaceful, and its NOT an exact science. I don't even think it IS a science. Bailey won't go to bed, Crystal WILL have her way, Rooker IS the Incredible Hulk, and Bridger thinks his food goes in his hair. Will someone please find me a book on that? Even with all that, we thought it would be a good idea to add a baby. So in November, we will have 1 baby, 1 toddler, and 3 kids. But there is no denying that deep down, I feel like it is SUPPOSED to be this way.

I have the most awesome 1985 dodge pickup with only 60,000 miles on it. Too bad its unregistered, uninsured, and gets horrible gas mileage. So let me rephrase, I have the most awesome driveway ornament.

My office above my garage is sweet. If only my kids didnt raid it everyday and leave food crumbs and toys everywhere. The AC doesnt quite get up there, so its a nice 85 degrees all the time. But when I put a fan on my desk and blast it in my face, and stare directly at my computer screen to zone out the mess around me, then yeah, my office is awesome.

I LOVE having a TV in my bedroom. Its so awesome, that I watch it till 1:30ish every night. Its totally worth hating myself every morning for staying up so late. I get to work tired, Im grumpy with my kids, and I want nothing more at night than to climb in bed and FREAKING SLEEP. As soon as I hit my pillow, I see the remote staring at me from my nightstand. I pick it up, and *click*.

Its sooooo nice having a fridge like ours. Its got french doors and lots of room. Its even got this great feature that if you accidentally leave the door open, it starts beeping at you. We leave it open on accident all the time. The best is when Bailey gets up at 2am to get something to eat, she has to be very sneaky about it, cause her parents don't like her doing it. She will get something, and go back to bed and fall asleep. For the next 20 minutes, we get to hear:
Amy and I play the waiting game to see if the other one is awake and bothered enough to go shut the freakin door. It's ok, we only turned off the TV 30 minutes ago anyway.

My new car is awesome. It gets 30 miles to the gallon, which is 10 more than my old car got. The only difference between my old car and my new car, is in my old car I didnt have to blast the radio just to hear it over the road. I also dont remember the road having near as many bumps and holes in it. In my old car I could actually hear what people were saying through my bluetooth earpiece. And my old car actually had a CD player.

Which reminds me, Eddie called this month and said he had to be at work at 5am this whole month. So I was like "screw that!, Im not paying to drive myself into work everyday!" so I went and bought a $150 bus pass. A week later, after I rode the bus 2 times, Ed called and said his schedule was normal again and he wanted to carpool. After much contemplation and self-loathing, I decided it was a good idea. So my bus fare this month was only $75 each time I rode into town. Just slightly more expensive than it would have been if I had driven my car in at $8 each day. *sigh*

Lucky for me, I have Amy and a good job.


MARIE said...

FUNNY! I am laughing my head off.

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Anonymous said...

Life is what you make of it. You will always be full of FAMILY and that is worth every mess, confusion, and sacrifice that you give right now. At this time of my life, I feel sorry for those who have less children than I. The knight on Raiders of the Lost Ark said, "You have chosen well my son."